MBLD solid green light. nowhere to be found on my network

Hello guys,

I originally posted this in the debrick thread but thought maybe I should start a new one (I am desparate)

I have a WD MyBookLive Duo 4TB and here is my issues.

Yesterday I was installing mutt on my MBLD using apt-get in ssh, and during the process I lost electricity at my home. When my power came back on the MBLD shows I solid green light on the front but is no where to be seen on my network any longer. I tried doing the reset (holding reset for 10 secs when unit is powered on) , but it made no difference. I still cannot get it to show on my network (even using my routers GUI it is not listed under Attached Devices any longer).

I did not backup my MBLD and was using all 4tb for data (roughly 2.5 used) so I had no Raid configuration. My MBLD has been one roughly 30 hours now with a solid green light but still not located on the network. I recall seeing something about the led on the back by the ethernet should be amber colored but both mine are green. Anyways, would following guide 1 on the debrick guide be my best bet to get my MBLD working again and retaining my data?  Also is it safe to use the firmware released in January 2015 if I do that or should I use the one linked in the first post of the guide?

Thanks guys for any help,

Just an update this morning, light is still solid green but it is not showing up on the network. I tried resetting my router this morning to factory default and still got nothing.

Hello mate,

Have tried using a data recovery software to see if you can get the files out of the drive?

Also, test the unit with a different Ethernet and power cables just to make sure that is not a power or connection issue.

Yes, tried different ethernet cable and power cord, but unfortanately I got the same result.

You didn’t mention if you still have SSH access. If so there is the possibility of getting in and fixing it by command line. But if not then your OS is running but it is isolated from communications. Ergo you have no way to access it from the outside.

If that’s the case then I see no way you can recover that doesn’t involve removing at least one of the drives and mounting it on another machine and try unbricking from there.

It would be interesting if somebody has written a procedure on how to bring up a MBL with nothing but virgin drives in it. If you can do that then worst case mount the drives on another machine and wipe them (probably just remove all the partitions) and follow the procedure for building a MBL from virgin drives…