MBLD Safepoint Update Method?

I have only just purchased a 4TB MBLD (2TB in RAID1) and also have a 2TB External USB Drive attached to it to store Safepoints.

My question is - After the initial Safepoint, do automatically scheduled Safepoints completely overwrite the initial Safepoint or does it just write changed/added files?

The reason I ask is that the initial Safepoint took many hours to complete and I would like to schedule a Safepoint each day but thrashing the drive for hours on a daily basis, and the performance hit that then happens with the MBLD, might be too much!

Maybe creating Safepoints isn’t the best way to protect the data stored on the MBLD?  Any other suggestions?

Thank-you in advance for any assistance you are able to provide.

Additional updates to a Safepoint are incremental.

WDTony wrote:

Additional updates to a Safepoint are incremental.

Hello Tony,

Thank-you for your reply.  While I was waiting I thought I’d perform my own test.  My initial backup took almost 5 hours to complete (backing-up around 240GB).  I then added a further 40GB of data to the MBLD and performed a Manual Update to the initial SafePoint.  This took around 2.5 hours.  So YES, while it took approximately half the time it still took a very long time just to incrementally add 40GB.  During the Update I noticed every file was being reported as being written to the backup drive, but maybe that information can be ignored.

Thanks again for your reply.  I have decided to go ahead and schedule a nightly update.  If I find anything of importance I will re-post here as I’m sure others will have the same questions in the future.