MBLD rejects login.cgi

(Windows XP Pro SP3, new install, and new user!)

I allowed the install s/w to find my MBLD, which it did (at and satisfactorily mapped it to N:

Went away to test the mapping and function by dragging a few files across into the Public share on N: - all seems well.

Then installed the WD Quick View software, and tried the “Dashboard” option. New tab opened in browser (, but the only thing displayed is a 404 error message “Not Found - The requested URL /login.cgi was not found on this server.”

I should say I have apache web server installed on this box, but it is not running at present.

What please, am I doing wrong?  Thanks.

If the Quickview added the url “,” that’d be wrong…

Just take the “login.cgi” portion off the end.

Thanks for replying, Tony. If I just remove the “login.cgi” so as to leave just the, the login.cgi is put back, resulting in the same error.

Then I had a flash of lateral thinking, and typed into Internet Explorer, not my normal Firefox. Internet Explorer thought for a little and then opened into, and the Dashboard was showing.

When I went back to Firefox and entered, there was the dashboard all present and correct.

So it would seem the server code in the MBLD and the command sent to it from the Quick View application are not fully co-operating, at least for the latest Firefox version. I’m new to Western Digital - is there please an effective user feedback channel for reporting such things to them, or would I be wasting my breath?

Again, thanks for your suggestion. 

I have never seen a request like that come from our Quickview App. That is not how you access the UI (through a cgi file). Seems like there might be something else going on with your system.


 If I just remove the “login.cgi” so as to leave just the, the login.cgi is put back

resulting in the same error.

If you’re doing that manually, then QuickView is out of the picture and has nothing to do with it.

When you say “is put back,” is it put back AFTER you hit “Submit,” or BEFORE?


To specifically answer your question, no, I’m not putting the ‘login.cgi’ in manually.

Can I suggest you please take a look at this short MPG video where I’ve captured the basic problem:-


Entirely within WD Quick View, I try to open the Dashboard.  Firefox opens, briefly showing, and then with no further action from me, the ‘login.cgi’ is added, which is when the 404 error shows up.

All I’ve done is to use WD Quick View’s legal commands to try to open the Dashboard.

I can add that I’ve today installed WD QV on a W7 Home Premium box which also has Firefox as its default browser, and the installation was problem free. On this machine I can open the Dashboard in Firefox from WD QV no problem.

  • Mike -

What is the machine that is experiencing this problem?

Can you try a different browser as your default? Do you have any add-ons installed in that version browser you are using?

As I menitoned, we don’t use any cgi scripts like that as part of our normal acces to the box, so I am thinking it is something specific to your machine.


Recycler wrote:



To specifically answer your question, no, I’m not putting the ‘login.cgi’ in manually.

That’s not what I said.  You said if you “remove the login.cgi…”  and I was asking if you do THAT manually.

If you remove it, and then immediately hit ENTER, what happens?   

Reason I ask is that it sounds like Firefox is auto-completing the URL with the wrong document name.


If I remove the login.cgi and then hit ENTER, the text re-appears.

Your suggestion about FF autocompleting is correct, although it’s not FF itself but one of the add-ons I had.  By disabling all the FF add-ons (see below) the problem goes away; it is then possible to use the WD QV | Dashboard menu to actually open the Dashboard.

To determine which add-on was causing the problem, I then put back the add-ons one by one, but the issue did not re-appear. I can only assume that the cause was an interaction between FF and the specific load order for the add-ons.

@WD Tony:

The troubled machine was XP Pro SP3 32bit, running FF 12.0 with these add-ons enabled:
AdBlock Plus 2.0.3
Ant Video Downloader
British English Dictionary 1.19.1
Flash and Video Download 1.08
Java Console 6.0.32
Java Quick Starter 1.0
NoScript 2.4
PDF Download
Xmarks 4.0.6

However as stated above, disabling and then re-enabling them resolved the problem, and as far as I am concerned the problem can be put to bed.

Thank you both for your help.