MBLD - Putting Existing Drives Into Replacement Enclosure

The white light on my current enclosure is stuck on and I can no longer access the drives. I think this is a problem with the enclosure as the drives were reported in good condition only last week. Assuming this is the case, if I remove the drives and put them into another enclosure with the identical product number (P/N) does anyone know if I will then be able to access the files on them?

Thank you

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Probably not … if the drives are encrypted which the My Book range is famous (in-famous ?) for.

My 3TB has done the same thing on the same day I hardly think it’s a coincidence? Have WD bricked them deliberately or something else?

I keep finding conflicting information regarding whether the drives are encrypted on the MyBook Live Duo (original style). Some are adamant that they are not.

Very strange :thinking:

Try updating the firmware - it may have become corrupted. Better yet, get yourself out of this entry level RAID system. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

So for the information of anyone else who might need it …

The MyBook Live Duo that I have is not encrypted. The drive format it uses is the Linux extended file system, extFS. I removed one of the drives from my Raid 1 configured MBLD and popped it into a hard drive dock. Using a trial version of Paragon extFS for Mac (as I have a MacBook Pro) I was able to mount and view all the “shares” on the drive with no difficulty at all. I then backed up all the files to a new USB hard drive.

I hope this information is of help to someone.