MBLD now crushed to pieces

I spent £369.00 of my hard earned money several months ago on something that was to make my life slightly more simple. Instead of simplicity I have been plauged with ridiculous problems where WD Link cannot find drives, WD2Go no longer worked and would get connection failiures, the web based WD2Go could not connect to my device and if it did work (usually after a total reformat) it only worked for a matter of days. I have spent countless hours, in fact whole days resetting my router and reconfiguring  my network with different settings and searching Google for answers and the same issues came over and over again. 

I spent 1hr 18mins on the phone to my ISP (Virgin Media) to try and get this sorted out as I thought it might have been a router issue and they ended up sending out a new SuperHub and still the same problems so I tried a CISCO Linksys X3000 and a WD My Net 750 but still the same problems.

All these issues seemed to come about since the latest firmware install. Today I tried to make it work but nothing I done helped so I got to the point where I got so **bleep** annoyed I took it outside and smahed it to pieces which gave me about 5 minutes of total plesure finially get my on back on this thing that has caused me so many lost hours and days.

I’m sorry to say but I will never again buy a Western Digital product.


Hopefully you pulled the HDs out first!!!   They’re still useful!  

I wish people would put these on eBay instead of destroying them and losing their money.   I have four WD My Book Lives on my network (12TB total) and all work quite well for me.   wouldnt have minded a fifth…

I agree, next time smash something else and sell it for other people to use. I’m happy with my MBLD (once I replaced Twonky of course).

I really feel the same way though I did stop short of blunt forced trauma on mine.

It will be of little comfort to you but your post is the first I have credited with kudos since my time started on these forums.  I hope others do the same to show just how much bad feeling there is in relation to WD’s handling of support of this product.

The lack of support is just outrageous.  WD continues to give priority to the MyBook Live over this even though that product works almost perfectly. Just awful.

I’m not writing that they don’t give preferential treatment, I want to know how though. I would like to investigate that.

As a visitor from the MBL forum, I’ll offer my personal opinion that MBL is replete with problems. IMO, the MBL forum is relatively quiet because there’s simply been no progress since an apparently bad firmware update was published by WD. With the exception of a handful of newcomers, folks have given up posting new queries and are awaiting news from WD.

I myself have managed to achieve partial functionality by downgrading to the software and firmware included on the MBL product CD. But the MBL continues to exhibit some anomalous behavior, which is entirely unsatisfactory. Backup is too important a function to trust to a device that exhibits anomalous behavior no matter how benign the behavior seems. You don’t know that a backup is bad until you try to restore it, at which point it’s too late. . . .

I hope WD soon gets their act together with respect to the MBLD and the MBL, in whatever order. The products appear to me to share a sufficiently common architecture that I suppose progress on one will likely lead–or, at least, should likely lead–to progress on the other. 

To return to the original topic, I share the OP’s sentiments. I’ve spent way too much time trying to get my MBL to work properly and, so far, regard that time as equally wasted as the purchase price. I won’t directly address what I consider possible legal implications of low quality of product and support because I harbor suspicion that my post would be deleted, as apparently occurs in such instances on the RMA forum.


wbmccarty wrote:

because I harbor suspicion that my post would be deleted, as apparently occurs in such instances on the RMA forum.



No suspicion needed.  It will be.  You agreed to that when you signed into the forum.