MBLD not playing mp3 with non English letters in Atrist or Album tags

The MBLD does not play mp3 files with non English letters in the Artist or Album tags. This has actually gotten worse … before thefirmware upgrade it couldn’t play files with non English letters but was ok with them in the tags. 

For example, Maná or Björk will not play. Nor will my Spanish and Mexican albums with non English letters.

I read somewhere that WD wanted to takhe their time with testing .How how can this pass through? This update has actually made things worse for me (though it seems to a lot faster on the network side).

Really hope WD does not take another 6 months to release next update. They really need to work these off in smaller chunks and not try to fix 'em all at once. 

Hi, you can post your suggestion in the ideas section.



This is not really an idea … it’s something that’s broken. Worked ok before the firmware upgrade. 

Interesting. Have be related to something else.  To copy loads of stuff between the MBLD and a external HDD conected to it I get to the Lunix OS on tbe MBLD and use the “cp” command.  If cp encoutners a filename that does not have english leters then the file is skipped.  Samba does not have this problem but when using ls on such a file that Samba has stored on the MBLD’s disc, the file name shown by ls does not make sense. It looks like a corrupted file name.

I know this is about the tags in the MP£ files, but maybe this could be related in some way?


We have tested numerous languages including the following:

Chinese, French, German, Korean, Russian,  Spanish, Swedish (with non-English letters in ID3 tags). 

All work fine. So I am guessing that there is something specific to your media. The songs could be corrupt, or some invalid characters in the songs. If you could send us a few samples of your media that isn’t being recognized, we can test and see if we can’t get farther with this.


I use a program called MP3TAG to edit the information within MP3 headers. It’a a free program.  It also seems to repar details within MP3 files.

Hi Tony,

This all worked before the new firmware upgrade, so I don’t think the files (50+) are corrupt. Unless you are saying that the upgrade corrupted them?

Also, it’s specific to the characters being in the Artist or Album tags. If the characters are only in the song name tag it works.

Where should I send the files?