MBLD Icon is storage section of networks window intermittent


I purchased my MBLD a week ago and set it up as per instructions, including latest firmware update etc.

It all appears to be working well, to my knowledge, and i’m extremely happy with the device and what i want it to do.

However, the MBLD Icon that is located under the storage section in my networks window, keeps flashing or shouls i say disappearing and reappearing constantly. this doesn’t seem to be effecting anything, though i feel something is not correct.

I’ve spent countless hours in the WD Community trying to find something that relates to this with no luck. The Icon i’m referring to is at the bottom of this image insert


 Any advice would be appreciated in this matter. why its doing it and what can be done to rectify. thank you


I recommend you try setting a static IP on the My Book Live.

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Hi Hamlet,

thanks for the advice, i went to set up static IP address and entered the IP address incorrectly. totally locked myself out.

i pressed the reset button on the rear of the unit (4 seconds and gained access again. noticed that once i did this the original issue i wrote about has now been rectified, without the need for static IP address.

As previously stated, i’m happy with how this is working for me so i’ll leave it is.

Much appreciated