MBLD don't work with both disks but work if I use one of them

Using both disks of MBLD produce to many errors, the connection drops off and MBLD reboot constantly. I’ve realize when I take 1 disk off the the other one works perfectly. I switch them and the other work perfectly. I must say that both disks appears in UI as correct (not fails). I have tried everything I know and nothing seems to work (besides take 1 disk off).
I have done:

  • reboot
  • turn-off
  • change Static IP to DHCP and viceversa
  • review logs
  • check smartctl
  • Take 1 disk off the case

Any ideas?

PS:Please don’t point me to create a ticket. I’ve already did it and not answer yet.

Hello xusolar,

You can try connecting the My Book Live drive with the computer directly via ethernet cable. If the My Book Live drive is still showing the same behavior like dropping connection or random rebooting of the drive. You should contact the WD Support directly by phone as it can be better resolved by them or collect the logs to find out the issue.