MBL yellow light forever

Please help, can’t boot MBL to green light. No UI, can’t ssh to the ip, actually, router don’t see MBL anymore.

Check what LED color matches the manual. If you cannot get a solution, best bet would be to RMA.

If you are out of warranty, follow the debrick guides


Thanks. Yellow means booting OS. Since my local network can’t see the MBL anymore, I think the OS didn’t boot up.

The drive is just 4 days old. However, me, the dump **bleep** MOVE data on it already. Does RMA means I will lost the data? Thanks.

RMA yeah, you will lost the data. Chances are it tried to do a firmware upgrade and it failed at some point. Check with WD see if there is anything you can do. 

You can try to recover the drive as well as the data using the guides, but it will void the warranty.

My .02 cents, always have backups. Some people hate me for pasting the following link all the time, but I want to make sure people fully understand the consept of it. Just read the backup section.