MBL works on one network but not the other one

I just bought a MBL and as per instructions, I connected it to network at the office, steady green light came but it did not appear on my macbook’s finder, then I checked on a windows computer without changing anything, it does not appear as well. Meantime, we’re sure ethernet cable works as expected, tested with computers and printers.

Then I tried the software, discovery tool but no use.

Then I took it home and connected with the same procedure, it showed up instantly on a windows computer and on another macbook.

Office network is not a complicated one and does not have interesting policies, passwords etc, is just the same with my home network. (It’s a small office with no servers etc)

What might be the problem with the office network? I cant find any differences.

EDIT : In addition to above, it works fine when connected directly to a computer in the office network.

Are you set to static or DHCP?

If DHCP, at work, check your DHCP server or router, whoever that is, to make sure MBL is listed. Or try to plug in another DHCP device on same port and cable see if that works. If using laptop make sure wireless is off.

If static, networks might be different at each location.

I’m pretty sure the cable works fine. After trying the ethernet ports on the walls with no success, I unplugged the network cable from a working printer, which has no wireless. MBL did not work again, I tried the IP address of the printer as well.

“try to plug in another DHCP device on same port and cable see if that works”

Did you try that? not clear if you did. You tried different cables, but not sure if you tried same wall plugs.

Some offices have data and voice RJ-45 ports, so even when they look the same, do not perform the same funcion.

The reason to try that, wall port might not be connected anywhere. If you believe it connects, check DHCP server to see if MBL is listed

no you misunderstand me. it is the cable from the printer, i’m pretty sure the cable works fine

I solved this on mine but honestly, I dont know how I solved this one.