MBL won't sleep when shares are mapped puzzle

I have yet another puzzle with my MBL.  Having finally got it working much as I wanted (minus TM backups to MBL due to issues) I thought I would map the shares on my Windows 7 Laptop, both public and restricted.  The reason for my doing so was simply to make the shares permanently visible and accessible just like the C: Drive.  I mapped the shares and ticked the box for connect at login - problem sorted, or so I thought.

Following mapping the shares MBL won’t sleep again even when the Lappy is completely shut down - no flashing green light as previously, just steady green.  Left it for twelve hours, still steady green.  In the end I disconnected the shares and voila, MBL sleeps again.  I’ve never before purchased such a temperamental bit of kit - a total nightmare, TM doesn’t work, iTunes server isn’t up to much and Twonky upsets everything.

Anyone any ideas why the unit won’t sleep with mapping?

Check this thread


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Yes thanks for the link, something I had read before though not every page as it’s quite extensive.  However, things are looking up now as MBL is actually behaving itself and operating just like I would expect.  The shares have stayed mapped on my Laptop and show up as two extra drives, the response when accessed is almost instant and finally this - the drive is sleeping now without issue, this is with mapped shares, iPad being used, iMac in use and W7 virtual machine in use.  

What has brought about this miraculous change I hear you ask?  Well, I no longer have Time Machine backing up to MBL, TM now has it’s own dedicated external USB HD.  Once I separated the two functions then MBL has started to work fine.  I’ve being saying this right from the start though, MBL and TM do not play well together and Apple do not support TM backing up to a NAS.  I think that if any Mac users are having problems with MBL, try taking TM completely out of the equation and see what happens.  It’s certainly worked for me.