MBL very high cpu load

Hi all,

I have recently bought a MBL 6TB. First I copied some 500 GB of music and movies (mostly ogm) to it. Since, I actually cannot use it properly as the CPU load is usually about 10.0 9.0 9.0 (around that, seldom less than 9.00).

Therefor the Apache server responds very bad and using DLN iTunes and other stuff is impossible. I cannot say, if this depends on the music I moved onto it (a lot of ogg is still buried in that). Actually the webserver was that slow right from the start, with no data on the disc, when I first configured it.

Has anyone experienced similar?


Are you referring to the internal MBL CPU?

I used ssh and top command to view the process list. Some processes run for weeks and produce very high load. I have found only few other posts here, and they indicated load never goes much over 3.00.

Any ideas? I recreated all file databases (media, itunes), let this run for a few days (it is not that much data…). When no other devices are connected, the MBL seems to sleep, now. But I still have problems accessing media via dlna and itunes.