MBL to Blu ray player not working

Just installed My book live and its running great on all 3 computers in the house.  Unfortunately, I cannot get my new Sony BDP-S580 (DLNA certified) blu ray player to access videos, images, etc… It picks up the MBL clearly on the network, but when I try to view the folder it says “there is no playable file”.  The file types are compatible- just avi and jpeg files.  Any thoughts??  Thanks!

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Are you trying to access the files on the Public folder or in a private share?

its a public folder- my laptops in the house have no problem accessing those same files, just the blu ray player is having this problem.

Did you open the Twonky configuration page on the MBL and allowed broadcast permissions for the BD player?


I had the same issue, against a Sony Bluray player vs a samsung Home theater, I think your problem could be the file format.

Check the playability using usb pendrive to test some files, if possible.

In my case, I only could play avi on my samsung HT not in the sony device, my sony device liked only mpeg video format.

Check you manual, to know the formats available our your sony bluray.

About the pictures, the sony did not like the pictures because of their size, they where to big.

Is your sony device firmware up to date?

The twonky configuration is set to allow Blu ray player access, and I know both the blu ray and MBL accept avi, mp4, jpec, etc…  so its not a file type either… arrrr

If you look at the manual for the Sony player http://www.docs.sony.com/release/BDPS580.pdf

It says that Xvid is only supported for avi file types (at least the way I read it). I know that in the past, the Sony Blu Ray players have been pretty limited in the formats and file types they support.

As far as jpgs, not sure what that could be. Maybe the file size as mentioned.

Also, make sure that Media serving is set to “All” on the public share.

To add to what WDTony said,  the way I read it:

Via DLNA, the Bluray player can *ONLY* play:


MP3 files

LPCM files


MPEG2 (as .MPG, .MPEG, .M2TS, .MTS files)

DIVX  (as AVI files)



I had the same issue with my Samsung Blu Ray, it could see the MBL but could not see any files in the default public share.


I manually created a new public share (called ‘Other’, but the name is irrelevant). The Samsung can now see all of the files in the default public share.

To test, I deleted the manually created Other share, result - Samsung lost sight of the files in the default public share.

I recreated the Other share (empty by the way) and immediately the files in the default public share became visible again.

Not sure why, but it works!!