MBL strategy for 2 PC's

I want to use our brand new MBL as central storage/back-up point… the “problem” is we want to share some data between the 2 PC’s on the MBL: music and pictures. The documents do not need to be on both PC’s.

Anyone who can give some advice of what software to use? WD SmartWare is not an option as this just makes a back-up of 1 PC.

E.g. If any of us adds some pictures to PC1, we want to sync it to MBL and then be delivered to PC2 (and vice versa of course).

Thanks in advance!


I don’t know of any software that syncs between three computers but why don’t you just always put your media directly to MBL and use it from there. You can (manually) back up MBL to one of your PCs periodically. It’s a bit backwards but just an idea.

Hmmm, no bad idea at all, on the contrary even… but the weakness is the making of the back-up to the 2 different PC’s of course… which means the back-up would be “partitioned”.

But you brought up a hint of what might be a decent solution: using the MBL as central storage, create some shares according to topic (or it might be just like: “Common” - for what’s common for both PC’s - , “PC1” - what’s solely for PC1 - and “PC2” - guess what…:wink:

We could than use the build-in feature of the off-line files (sorry, i forgot to mention both PC’s have Windows 7 Professional installed) to have PC’s and MBL always in sync. This way, there is always a back-up (on the MBL on one hand, the PC’s on the other) without the need to manually back-up (which i know by experience is my weakness)

What do you think? Could this be “THE” solution?

Thanks for your co-thinking!

ps: my apologies for any typo’s or grammatical errors… English is not my mother tongue.

I wasn’t familar with the offline files feature in Win 7 but I looked it up. Yeah that could work. You would have Common, PC1 and PC2 folders on MBL; Common and PC1 folders as offline folders on PC1; and Common and PC2 folders as offline folders on PC2. But you’ll have to see how practical it is going to be. With Microsoft you never know :slight_smile: Good luck.

It might clog up your network a bit, but overall its not a bad strategy.

Personally, I would create the backups on a nightly basis instead of using software to automaticly do it. Otherwise your going to have huge swarms of data flying over your network, and if you use the network for anything else (say browsing the web?) this is going to slow it down substantially- especially if your using an older router.