MBL slow file transfer

New MBL (2 weeks old) would transfer files from pc to mbl at 2-5 mb/s. OKay, slow according to other postings here, but OK by me. The last couple of days transfer rate has been 16-26 kbs (yes, kbs). I don’t have anything else running, and the router is a brand new N600 dual bang gigabit router. I am aware of the issue of compatible network cards etc, but all I am after is finding out why the transfer rate is as low as 16-26kbs - and getting it back to 2-3mb before I get around to updating network cards etc (work issued pc, so a bit limited as to when I can demand a new one).

Input would be much appreciated (I’m not computer guru, so low tech would be fantastic :smiley: )


The best way to determine if the connection is compromised at the router is by connecting the drive directly to the computer

this will help isolate the issue

If you connect the MBL directly to the computer, use a correctly wired cross-over cable.  :smiley:

RJ54 cross-over.jpg