MBL Shares, share names and space used/available question

I’m thinking I already know the answer here, or at least in part, but figured I’d ask anyway.

I have a few shares setup on the MBL, two of which are named “Movies” and “Movies_Kids”.

When I login to the UI, and goto the shares tab, it shows that the Share name “Movies” has xxxGB of data in it, and that “Movies_Kids’” has zero. This is inaccurate as the kids share has the majority of used space to date.

Is the underscore throwing this useage reporting off somehow? I used an underscore just because spaces are not allowed for share names. Not a big deal, just wondering if anybody knew.

I am not sure but you may try renaming Movies_Kids to MoviesKids and see if this fix it.

tried that and it didn’t work. not a huge deal i suppose…