MBL Safepoint


I am trying to create a safepoint to a Windows 7 share.  From within the MBL UI, I see the share in which I want to create the safepoint.  I am able to authenticate, and after typing the safepoint name and clicking OK, I receive the error:

36102 - Your safepoint could not be created due to a failed request. Please try creating your safepoint again.

Any ideas?  Seems I’ve tried resetting every Permission known to man…

Thanks in advance,


Try updating to the firmware that was released today.

I don’t know if the safepoint function is maintained actively at all, considering that known bugs haven’t been fixed for over a year. If you’re not afraid of Linux, you could simply set up your own backup script (see here).

DO a search for Safepoint. With that error you will need to read through my fix in ssh.

Hi. I’m new to WD and have a 2TB MBL. I am only at 10% capacity, but want to backup what i have on the MBL as it is photos etc.

My question is, does my backup destination have to be the same size as the source data? It may be a silly question as to me the obvious answer is yes, but I just wondered if the backup is compressed along teh way.

So moving forward, does that mean i need another 2TB drive for my backups (assuming my main MBL gets used as intended!!)



It needs to be slightly larger… Data is not compressed.