MBL safepoint on iMac

Can an iMac be used for MBL safepoints?  If so, how is that accomplished?

The iMac can read/write to MBL just fine.

Thanks in advance for any help.  WD suppport is no responding.

No it can’t. it has to be a network share based on the Samba (SMB) protocol.


I bought a Linksys e4200v2 router to connect a WD MBS2  but it turns out the USB port on that router does not support that drive.  I assume the WD My Net N900 USB ports would support the MBS2  drive.  Could I use that to create a safepoint for the MBL drive?  The MBS2 is still formatted HFS+ Journaled.

FYI, I need to get our 1000;s of photos available on our home network but I need to assure they are backed up.  Right now they sit on a MBS drive connected to my iMac but the XP PC has regular trouble connecting to the iMac.  I’m open to suggestios.

Thanks in advance for any help!