MBL - Remove .AppleDouble files/folders?

I have a MBL with a few PC’s, a MacBook, and a bunch of Apple iOS devices. Recently I decided to move a copy of all my music from my MacBook to the MBL. I went to have a look on my PC to add ID3tags to all the files and I found all of these hidden .Appledouble folders.

I confirmed that my XMBC shares are seeing the useless files as well so I just want to get rid of them. 

I have already set my MacBook to not make NetworkStores anymore

I used ssh in terminal to connect to the MBL and ran this command:

find . -name ‘.AppleDouble’ -printf ‘"%p"\n’ | xargs rm -Rf

but it doesnt seem to work. In fact I cant seem to navigate the share at all via ssh. 

I am really a novice with ssh, but open to learn anything I can about this. Is there a better way to do it? Do I leave the files? 

I think a ran to a similar post that showed how to remove those via SSH

let me do some digging and I’ll get back to you

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That would be awesome! Please! Its been driving me crazy. I got an OSX App called BLueHarvest, but it only removes .DSStore folders.