Mbl password basics

Can I extract an old password from the data on the MBL 6346634in order to re-set it to computer, new router, and 2 added
computers? MBL has been out of service for almost two years and I do not remember whatever password was set, if any. Setup anew and the Select My Book Live screen showing SN and IP wants a password for user admin. If old PW not available or not usable, where is an instruction on getting past this problem. I have downloaded everything listed for the MBL, sn # WMC1T3634357, but did not find help for my problem.

There is a soft reset function - pressing the reset button on the back for 4 seconds for my model. This resets the admin password and the static IP address (if you set one) but does not erase any data. I’m pretty sure the only password reset is the admin password - not the passwords for any users you’ve defined.

I have no idea what you can do if you have set (and still need) a static IP address.