MBL Not Sleeping, MioCrawlerP starts and runs for hours every time after a reboot

Each time I reboot my WD MBL the process MioCrawlerP starts running and lasts for about three hours.  I’ve get c.25000 in the public photos directory but these have already been re-transcoded so I don’t know why this process kepps kicking off.  Also, when left on each night at around 23:00 the MioCralwerP process wakes up the nas and starts its churn for 3 hours.  I know switching off remote access will stop it but I bought it to use remote access.  Any ideas why this process keeps kicking off?  Thanks.

Have you tried performing a hard reset? for some reason the unit is not saving the info.

Hi, yes I’d already rebooted the NAS after making the changes,