MBL not recognized


I have a new router, Huawei EchoLife HG520i.

I managed to connect the MBL via DHCP (and it has a dynamic IP of - since is reserved and MBL connects as first). However, MBL is not recognized by any of the computers on our LAN (Win XP/7, cable or wireless - nothing helps).

I can see in the router interface that it has the IP (just as other PCs in the network), but WD software doesn’t recognize MBL. I can’t even ping MBL. Pinging other PCs and connecting them works just fine.

The control light on front of the disc stays green, so probably no problem there.

Any suggestions, please? Any advice would ge highly appreciated :slight_smile:

P.S.: I previously used MBL with other router but as it was set up for a static IP I had to reset the configuration by holding the reset button. Then MBL connected to the new router just as I described but still it doesn’t seem to work with other computers.

are you able to get to the dashbaord by manually typing in that IP to a browser? 

What if you type http://mybooklive/UI into a browser?

I think a lot of people have DNS issues, and the software is looking to the name, but it’s not resolving to that assigned IP properly.  Also, does that router have the ability to “reserve” a DHCP address for the MBL?

Suggestion posted above does not help (since I can’t ping, using name doesn’t help either).

Okay, I managed to solve this by turning off various services of the router, such as QoS or Port Mapping.

If you have a similar issue, try doing the same :slight_smile:

What is the hardware version of your router.  Also, what’s the firmware version in your router?

The latest available for my provider (2008-07-03 I think).