MBL - No MyComp connection, but ip and showing up on network devices

Had MyBookLive for three months no problems.  

Now cannot access MBL through MyComputer, however I can access it through its ip address, device manager, and network devices. 

When clicking to open device either sends me error message [cannot connect to device, network down](clicking drive icon) OR it sends me to a private webaddress “mybooklive.com” via my web browser (network icon),  OR to MyDocuments on my C-Drive (clicking “open” after right clicking either icons or clicking on “mytwonky” icon or trying to open dashboard).  WD Quickview is also not registering the device.

 MBL still accessible through XBox, with no issues.

I think there might be an issue with drive letter?  I set the MBL as the “X” drive during intial setup… however, noticed that somehow it possibly changed to Z-drive  when clicking on “Map” in WD Quickview?  If this is the case, might have had conflict with an old external I plugged in before I noticed issues (the old drive was set as Z-Drive).

I have rebooted MLB and computer numerous times.  “Disconnected” drive in MyComputer by right clicking drive icon, however now drive icon does not show up at all, even after numeroud=s reboots.

Help, I’m completely lost, not making any sense to me.  Thanks for any help or ideas out there.


Forgot to mention:

  1. Device Manager states “deive is working”

  2. iTunes cannot connect to MBL

Thanks again.