MBL Name-Backup Displaying in Finder Window?

Just bought and installed my new MBL DUO. I do have one issue though. In my finder window there is a listing for my drive, which opens and works like it should, but then there is another listed below it that says MBL-Name-backup. I have no idea how to get rid of it, and whenever I rename my MBL the backup one renames too. How do I get rid of it?

30-50-2012_08.50.12-CapturFiles.jpg 30-52-2012_08.52.19-CapturFiles.jpg 30-52-2012_08.52.33-CapturFiles.jpg

AFAIK you cannot get rid of the -backup shared folder, this comes by default to be used by Time Machine.

Thanks for the reply Vadir. I’m really hoping you can cause it’s just irritating that it’s there, also considering the fact I’m not going to use this drive as a Time Capsule.