MBL iTunes & Videos

Hey all,

After spending nearly two full nights searching this forum I’ve just about had enough.

I’ve tried everything so far other than a Hammer… Which is not far away…

My end result is to have all my iTunes folders located on the MBL. ( Last check was Nearly 25GB )

My endless collection of Digital copy Bluerays / DVD’s located on my MBL to be viewed easily.

So far…

I have copied over my full iTunes folder to Shared Music folder on the MBL.

Redirected the iTunes Media Folder Location to the MBL folder.


Music files can be listened to via PS3. But not appearing on iTunes on the Laptop.

Video files are there on the PS3, But states data unsupported.  I can also see it via WD2Go on the iPad and iPhone but will not play. ( File is a digital copy  Both as Media Player format  .wmv and iTunes format  .m4v)

I have tried so many ways of setting it up I’m now at a loss and ready for giving up on it all.

The latest attempt has been to delete the full iTunes folder and start again with a smaller amount of files to see if I can get it to work first.

I’m currently running XP Pro.

iTunes version is ( Also tried previous version 10.2 but still the same )

MBL Firmware is 02.10.09-124.

Laptops and iStuff are all connected via Wi-If.

Regarding the Music files.

When in the MBL via dashboard and check Media Twonky and iTunes Server, Both are ticked and enabled, I have tried rescan both, Twonky shows the file counts, iTunes just shows

  • iTunes rescan has been initiated

I still am unable to see the files via iTunes.

Regarding the Video files.

I can view the video’s via Laptop, but not on the PS3 and iPad / iPhone.

My understanding before buying the MBL was I would be able to store my files on the the MBL and when I wanted to download then onto the iPad when I wanted to and watch them if I was away from home.

I know I can access my files and photos easily enough but with the larger files I was hoping I would be able to save them to the iPad before I left home and then view via the iPad.

ANy help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

At the end of the day I need the iTunes folder working and viewable via iTunes as a minimum.



  1.  Nothing except your iTunes PC client or Apple devices will be able to play “Digital Copies,” because they are DRM protected.

  2.  iTunes Servers can no longer stream VIDEO to iTunes Clients.   That was a change Apple made with iTunes 10.3 or later.

I think your general understanding of the product is incorrect.  You can access FILES via WD2Go, but not if they are protected content.

You cannot access your iTunes content via your iDevices without gateway software such as WD2Go.   And WD2Go must support the files you’re accessing.

Thanks For the reply Tony. Although not what I wanted to hear. haha…

Guess I sholuld have read pages likes this first to ensure what I was buying was going to work…

I guess I just need to wait for Apple to allow streaming again one day…

Somehow I managed to get the music folder veiwable within itunes, Not sure how I done it but only the Music files in another sub folder are viewable.,

Still unable to view videos via Itunes though. I have tried putting a sub folder within the music folder that is viewable but still only shows the music files…

As I said, you cannot use iTunes server to view videos if you’re using iTunes 1.03.xx or later.