MBL interferes with Smart TV

Laptop access to MBL via Router works fine

Connect LG Smart TV to router (via Cat5 cable) and TV continuously recycles Off/On.

Disconnect MBL from Router and TV operation/connection to internet is absolutely fine

Reconnect MBL to Router and TV starts to recycle Off/On again.

Have changed TV, Router, Cabling but last component to be addressed is MBL.

What Router setup do I need for MBL to stop this “interference”?

I’d ask LG about that…

I have an LG 55LX6500 TV and I’ve never seen anything like that.

Undoubtedly, there’s something wrong with the LG’s firmware.

We have checked firmware - downgraded it, loaded an engineering version, lots of tests but would need a protocol analyser on MBL link (as well as the communication doc) to find out what is happening.  Cris