MBL goes offline

Hi All,

Sorry if this question was already asked, I couldn’t find it in the forum.

For few months, my MBL was working perfectly fine but now, when I’m using it (transferring file to/from or in the Dashboard to do test) the device goes offline (no light and no network connection)

I tried to diagnose the device (from the dashboard), both short and long test but they stop at 90% and the MLB goes offline.

I tried a short and a long factory reset without success as I still have the problem.

To turn it back on, I have to unplug the power cable, wait few minutes and reconnect it (and it only stays online until I start to use it again). It seems the longer I wait before reconnecting it, the longer it stays online.

Any idea ?

Well, I don’t believe it myself…but I think I found the problem literally 2min after posting this while reading other posts here…(at least it seems to work for now…)

I read on another that someone had a problem X …and the answer was “make sure your device is connected to a reliable power source”

I connected my MBL straight to the wall outlet instead of my power bar …and apparently the power bar was the issue !!

Well…I think it was a fluke…went back offline while trying to transfer few files as a test !!!

It seems to stay online as long as I dont transfer any file…

Any idea what it can be?

reserve an IP address or make it static IP?

a bad power supply is the only thing I can think of I’d call customer service,so they can send you a new one, assuming your device is still under warrenty.

Thank you all

Yes still under warrenty so I guess I should ask for a new one as now It doesn’t stay online for more than few minutes regardless of where I connect it…

Let them you know need to still recover your data so that they’ll let you keep the drive. From remove the drive from its casing and plug it in to a PC via a sata or usb to sata cable and use diskinternals to retrieve your files.