MBL File Access Strange Issue

My MBL has been working fine with all client devices: Hifi, Samsung TV, iPad/iPhone, Sharp TV and Android Mediaplayer.

However recently (I guess it could be after a firmware update), there are strange issues:

  1. there is still no problem with Hifi, Samsung TV, iPad/iPhone, but

  2. Sharp TV can not see the network drive anymore

  3. Android Mediaplayer is also not able to see the network drive. But,

  4. the WD Cloud app running in Adndroid Mediaplayer is able to see all contents in MLB, but none of the media file can be played.

(BTW, there is no change in Sharp TV and Android Mediaplayer firware, or network router firmware or settings)

Could it be possible the new MLB firmware changes something so that some client devices are no longer able to cope with these changes?

Just read some other posts. I think I am not the only one who suffers the same problem: after firmware upgrade, some devices are no longer connected.

Can someone tell me, how to roll back to older firmware? The WD Support download session gives many older firmware files but they are not .dep file the MLB requires.

Manual firmware downgrade/manipulation is not supported by Western Digital. However, the following Community thread will be able to assist.

Please proceed at your own risk as this is not warranted or guaranteed to work.