Dear all, 

i am not a crack, so sorry in advance.

some questions before i buy the mbl duo, does it make sense to have the iphoto library there? and is it possible to view the fotos in an acceptable way for a guest user?

i have all my fotos and songs actually on several different harddrives and all harddrives are cloned on the lacie cloudbox, i want to get rid of the external harddrives, the cloudbox i want to backup also somewhere, i know from the functionalities is more or less the same as the MBL, a friend just lost all his data coz his cloudbox just stopped to work and all was lost, so i would see the mbl duo as double safty solution for my environment, the cloudbox have datas i work actively with (exmp. fotos) and the mbl duo is backup solution for my cloudbox, and for my macbook air and imac, with the raid i should be save hopefully.

does anybody have some experience especially how to backup the cloudbox with the mbl duo? is that possible or are there any issues?

thanks for your help

Hello and welcome, 

 Check if the following links help.