MBL-Duo 4TB - Loss of connection from Network

Hi i have an unusal problem that occurs around the same time every month for the past 3 months on a clients MBL 4TB device.

Now the drive is no longer accessable as an exsiting mapped drive share nor can we access the deivce via a browser or via our backup software (which is what highlighted the issues to us in the first place). But it can be pinged and replies fine.

The device has a static IP assigned in a range outside of the DHCP range used on the clients network, it has the latest firmware applied and works flawless for a month, then come the 2nd day of the month the drive is not accessable and the only way to get it back is to get the client to power the deivce off and then on again. then it is fine after it boots and runs fine for a whole month.

This has been like this since the device was installed for the past 4 months, only noticed this after the first month passed and now it occurs at approx the same day at the start of each month since. the knock on affect this has it the clients shadow protect backups fail becuase the mapped drive is no longer accessable etc. so fairly serious shoudl we need a backup over this period.

Can anyone give me any sugeestions as to why this deivce is doing this? and has anyone seen this before.? We have the same type of device being used at a few other client sites and we do not get this issue, so i am wondering if we have a fault with this device only or not.?

Many thanks.


i forgot to add also , that the power/sleep mode is disabled and has been from the start.

No one got any ideas or suggestions here with this issue? :frowning:

this issue is still occuring for me, and no on has anything to suggest or say in so many months since original post. quite sad really.:manmad:

Hi gyearsley, it would be difficult to know the reason why this is happening without having access to your network. Have you tried connecting the My Book Live Duo to another network? This would rule out any possible external cause. I recommend you to contact tech support directly so they can guide you to the solution.