MBL Dual - My shares keep disappearing

Hello.  I have a 4 TB MBL Dual that I have been testing with Windows 8.

My shares periodically disappear from the “network” root (in the left pane of Windows Explorer).  What a hassle, it’s as if they just fall on the floor or something.  To get them back I usually have to boot the MBL.

I am using a Q6600 system with a 1 Gb Network controller.  My router is a new Netgear R6300 with gigabit ethernet and 802.11AC WIFI.  My modem is a Netgear ADSL+ modem, and is only a month or two old; working fine.  I have no trouble accessing the internet or entering the router setup pages and the Mybook setup pages, so connectivity is definitely there.  The Mybook is plugged into the wall and the R6300 and the light is mostly green and flashes when I access or write a file to the MBL.  I have an iPad and an Android smartphone, and both can access the internet just fine via WIFI on the R-6300.

But go make dinner or mow the lawn and the MBL may very well show up under “Computer”, but not under “Network”.

Any ideas?  Thanks in advance…

Guess that type of thing is normal since Windows 8 is not finalized, but just in case try connecting the MBL directly to the computer and check if you still get the same disconnection problem.