MBL doesn't show backups


I back up using the WD Smartware. When I went to retrieve a file recently, it first asked me to update the software which I did (to 1.6.4). Now MBL does not show any of my backups. I cannot retrieve anything using WD Smartware.

The drive shows as being half full but I can’t get to any of the files.

Any suggestions?

Try posting a screen shot of the software screen

Here are 2 screen prints - the first is the Home page, the second, the Retrieve page.

As you can see in the second screen shot, nothing shows as a backup.

Is there any other way to access WD Smartware backup files or have I lost my data forever?


\mybooklive\smartware and go from there

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Thank you SO much!:smileyvery-happy: At least I can get to my data now.

So is there any way of recovering the link between the Smartware software and the backups? Is there any way to know if the backups are going OK? I can set the \mybooklive\smartware folders to a drive letter so that I can always access it without going through the software and just use explorer to retrieve backed up data but I’m concerned that the whole shebang is corrupt.

Any suggestions?

as far as I know, as long as the PC name is the same as it was, and everythings on the same workgroup, it should see it. 

if you open a browser and type http://mybooklive/UI in there, does it get to the dashboard?  Smartware would try to find the mbl via this url, and if the DNS was messed up it wouldn’t send it to the proper IP address.  Just troubleshooting here, as I’ve said a lot, I fixed a few issues when I changed the DNS on my NIC card and/or wirless adapter to google’s  I haven’t updated to the latest smartware though.  or the latest MBL firmware.