MBL doesn't boot

Hi, I have been using my MBL for about a year now without issues but now it seems dead(: I tried to connect to it from my media extender but then the connection froze. After waiting a looong time (hours) without being able to ping it I decided to reboot by unplugging the power. It never booted though and it doesn’t send a DHCP discovery anymore. I have tried to reset but it doesn’t help. The led in front is not lit at all. The leds on the ethernet port is however lit (lower is solid and upper is flashing every now and then) so it seems it gets power and detects network traffic. The harddrive also makes normal noise like if it was writing or reading. Any ideas what to do? Is the only solution to break the case and plug it in to a computer? It seems I don’t have so many options since I can’t reset and without an IP I can’t connect to it(: Thanks, /Daniel

I think it’s time to replace it. :confounded: