MBL does not go to sleep anymore

For two weeks my  new MBL used to go to sleep (blue light) after some time of no activity.

Since yesterday the green light is always on…(blinking) like the HD is being accessed even when all PCs are turned off.

 I have checked the settings and is set for 10 Min.

Any pointers?

I really appreciate your help.

Have you recently added media (in particular photos)?

There is an internal process that will crawl your photos and transcode them into formats suitable for your smartphones so that you can view them using WD Photos. It is a very low priority process, so it can take quite a bit of time to crawl through your photos.

Thank for your response,

No didn’t add any media in the last few days, but the drive have a few GIGs of photos.

 Should I patiently keep waiting for the blue light?

yea… probably. Give it a few days to work through the photos. As I mentioned this proess is a low priority process (so as to not impact performance). I know that with my photo collection (30GB), it took over a week to transcode my files.

When this happens to me I sometimes reboot the MBL and that usually sorts out the problem (for a while).

Sounds like a Twonky issue.

Unfortunately, my MBL is still awake… No signs of of the blue light.

Is there any way to check if it is the Twonky or something else.

I am concerned that eventually will it will get fried for lack of sleep.


disable Twonky, restart and check if Twonky is still disabled. then wait a few minutes and look if the device goes into sleep.

Just to report that disabling Twonky doesn’t solve the problem.

My MBL has been awake for one full week now…

Maybe it would help to post “ps aux” to see what processes are working. Did you install anything on the device?

After two weeks, I decided to reformat and start over… The blue light is now back, let’s see for how long…