MBL DLNA to Sony TV - AVI files missing?


Just picked up a 2TB MBL a few days ago and noticed that when I setup the DLNA with my Sony TV, AVI files are not listed on the tv. Also I installed the Iphone app WD2Go and whilst the avi file is listed, it does not play.

i have tried these files on my mac and they play fine, so not sure what the problem is?

Also tried an mp3 file and that streamed ok to my tv and iphone.

Any advices appreciated.


Hello, for the iPhone you can only stream the files that are supported natively, if they are not supported natively you can download an application that allows you to play the file, but you also need to download the .AVI file. Check the manual of your Sony TV to see if it supports .AVI files. 

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I recomended u to try “Long Path Tool” program .before I have problem like this. and after I found long path tool and now my problem solved