MBL Disabling Google Play fixed blinking green!

I’ve been looking into this issue for awhile and see many others have been as well. My constantly blnking green issue has just been cracked!

On my home network I assigned my MyBookLive 3TB drive to be the drive all my music is on. My Google Play server then “taps” into that account and whenever a new mp3 is added my Google Drive account auto-syncs. This is all controlled from an “always on” Win7 laptop also on my network (where the Google Play is installed).

Disabling my “always on” Google Play server software finally got the MyBook to STOP blinking and finally go into sleep mode.

Perhaps I can find something that will run a program from 2-4am kind of thing. Run the program at designated time then turn it out at designated time. Something to look into…

Anyway hope this helps someone! Created an account just to post 

Thanks for sharing this information.  If there is a software that is constantly accessing the drive, the green light will be blinking all time and it will not enter in sleep mode.  It may also occur if the iTunes Server or Twonky are enabled.