MBL .DAV folders?

Hi *,

on my new MBL 2TB (2.01.06) I’ve noted that every file in every folder (edit: on a private share) is duplicated in the (hidden) .DAV folder with a file size of 49152 Bytes, making it worse for directories with lots of files of smaller size. As this takes considerable space (on the disk) and time (on me during operations), I’d like to switch that behavior off.

Is there a way to do so?

Thanks for any hint!

(…well, other than hiding hidden files… ,-)


Edit: Ah, on the Public share, this does not happen, “only” in every folder of any private share…
        As I’d like to keep private a lot of small files, help’s still appreciated :slight_smile:

Hmmm.   Can’t find a single DAV file on the entire system on mine?

MYBOOKLIVE:/shares# find | grep DAV

Okay, thanks for checking.

Trying same on my MBL finds tons of files, as shown in Windows.

With some more investigation time, the .DAV folders seem indeed not to come from the MBL (some testing from an XP machine shows no new extra folders or files have been created). Must have been my fiddling with the MBL internals from the Win7 station then - unfortunately that’s the machine I copied all my files from :confused:

Sorry for not having had the time before first posting…


… just an update…

MINE is now starting to do this.

It seems that, for some reason, my Win7 box wants to access the MBL via WebDav instead of SAMBA.

I didn’t even know that was possible.

I have NO idea what changed, but it’s causing all sorts of problems…