MBL dashboard

Was able to “successfully” install MBL but NOT the WD Quick View?!! I’ve “installed” it many times over, still the quick view icon is not showing up on my macbook, despite the “successfully installed” message.\

Also, very difficult to access the dashboard, from the web browser or otherwise. A few times I was using www.mybooklive… error message says it cannot find the server. Now using the exact URL, for a few times it would work, but not all the time.

Help please! As I understand I need to shutdown the device everytime, and these are the only ways to do it (i.e. thru the dashboard and/or quick view)???

Appreciate the help!

Have you by chance just added a bunch of media and pictures to the MBL? Your drive could be indexing your media and pictures right now. This can cause the dashboard to be slow to respond or not respond at all. As for quickview and your Macbook, I’m not sure what’s going on there. You should still be able to browse the MBL through your network though without it.

Also the MBL is a device that is meant to be on all the time. It consumes very little power and has a built in sleep mode

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Thanks! I did (and still am) uploading files and stuff, I guess it makes sense that it does not respond immediately during transfers. However, I’ve noticed that the default is that the dashboard/browser does not immediately open/connect, even this morning when I was just starting to use it / just turned it on.

Thanks by the way for the info about it being on all the time, will not worry about shutdown then!

However, would still appreciate some help regarding quick view! ANyone? ;-)

Thanks thanks!

Not only the transfers slow it down, but if you have media serving turned on for the share you are putting files in (Public folder has it turned on by default) the drive will index all of your photos to thumbs for the WD Photo app. This process is VERY cpu intensive and can take days depending on the amount of pictures you are transferring.

Are you installing quickview that was included with the drive? There may be a newer version available on the WD website. Give that a try :slight_smile:


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Oh wow, THANKS! 

Got it, and it’s now installed! ;-)

Excellent, hope you enjoy your MBL as much as I have :slight_smile:

I am loving it… though still figuring out some kinks along the way… :slight_smile:

thanks again!