MBL Blue Light and the flashes yellow

I have had my MBL for sometime now and has worked perfectly fine. My wife recently upgraded to Windows 10, and it has somehow made the MBL not work

I have reset, unplugged, connected directly to my computer (with another Ethernet cable) and I still get the flashing between blue and yellow.

Any ideas how I can make it work again?

Some clarification first

  • A windows 10 machine will not affect MBL operation
  • A windows 10 machine, might have issues seeing the MBL or accessing the files. Known issue, plenty of info out there. But unit should be fine if access from other devices.

Now, unplugging the power from MBL is bad bad bad. Hopefully you did not kill it, seriously. It is bad practice to just unplug the power for any hard drive, specially one with moving parts on any device.
They proper way to shutdown/reboot MBL is via the dashboard. See manual how to access dashboard.
Also see manual to see what the different LEDs mean.

But bottom line, if at any time you cannot get a green LED, even after verifying all is ok according to LED colors, you will need to unbrick the device.

Oh yeah, first check to see if you are under warranty. Thanks @Trancer!

A flashing blue and yellow light cycle would indicate the device is stuck in a reboot loop. The Windows 10 upgrade was coincidental.

I’d recommend contacting WD Support about this. If your unit is still under warranty they can provide you with a replacement power adapter in case the issue relates to power. If it does not work then the unit will need to be replaced.

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Did you get this issue resolved? I have the same problem with mine.