MBL backup image


Hi hope you can help. I would like to make a backup of my MBL onto a MY BOOK hard drive I have connected to my Belkin modem/router via usb cable. This makes my router a network device with storage. When I go to backup on this device it shows my hard drive as a locked share and requires a Username and password that I have never set and dont know. How can I access this thanks?

You’ll have to check the router’s documentation and settings. I have another NAS that I’ve backed up to and the MBL asked me for a username and password which I obviosuly new and the back-up was successful.

You may have to configure the router with a user that would have access to a share pointing to your USB drive connected tto your router.

It is possible that that is the user name and password of the router. If you have never set them, then it is likely a default value like Admin/Admin. Check your rotuer’s documentation.