MBL awakes from standy-by

Hi all,

My My Book Live awakes quite often from stand-by while the MBL is actually not in use.

I don’t want this, because like I said it’s not in use at that time.

Most common situations when the MBL awakes but is not in use:

  • When opening a picture with Windows viewer from the harddisk of my own desktop PC (Win XP)
  • When starting up the desktop pc (Win 7) of my dad
  • When putting off my Samsung HD TV

How can I solve this?

did you map a share to your dad’s computer?  had you selected “reconnect at logon” when you did that?

No. Because I only use the MBL on my own desktop PC, and on my TV (with Twonkyserver 6).

maybe win 7 is set to do a network discovery routine, to find all devices on the network.  Sorry, I don’t have 7 or work much with home networking.

I too  have this problem. However this also happens when my PC (Win 7) is turned off.

My Book Live goes in to stand-by (blue light), then randomly it turns ons (greens light),  even if my PC is off.

As Markvm has said ‘I don’t want this, because like I said it’s not in use at that time.’

I have only had my MBL for about a week, so still in the process of getting use to it.

I must come clean and say that I’m a bit of noob, and new to all this networking stuff, so thought this was the way it is, but it annoys me. After reading this thread, I believe that it is not normal.

Any ideas???

Also as another thing, when it does go to stand by (blue light), there is still a slight noise, and if I put my hand on the side of it can feel slight vibration, as if the discs ars still spin( all the time)…normal???

Like I say I am a noob so may just be abit paranoid :frowning: