MBL as OpenVPN Server

So I’ve seen the howto on installing OpenVPN to the MBL, does anyone know if this set up would work for connections from IOS? Rather new to OpenVPN but though it might be worth a try?

Also assuming the MBL recieves and firmware update, does the OpenVPN server need to be removed beforehand?

Hello, this type of modifications are not supported, but maybe some of the other users can share some suggestions. 

OpenVPN server only works with a OpenVPN client software.  You can find on teh openvpn website if it has a Mac client software. 

the process is to install the server softare on teh MBL, and install the client software on your computer. then copy the keys from that are gernerated by the server software to your computer client config file. 

the easiest way to do the install is to use the one click install offered by FeaturesPackManager


If the MBL updates its firmware, you will lose the openvpn server. it will need to be reinstalled. I recommend that you turn off automatic updates for teh MBL in teh dashboard.