MBL appears hang and then wont start up

This is what happens

  1. After a long time {> 10 hrs} when MBL is turned on -it comes on with less than 50% chances. if it comes up it works fine with no application issues.

  2. After ~30 mins it becomes heated and then network like stays on. Ethernet port light stops blinking and MBL stops responding. it appears like a hanged cpu.

  3. Hard disk spinning sound keeps coming.

  4. When I power off and then power on the MBL - it does not comes on. just hard disk keeps spinning.

  5. After long hours of power off and repeated error trial the MBL comes on randomly & unpredictably

Is this a case of Loose Soldering on PCB circuit?

Hello sachins1101,

Did you check the performance of My Book Live after performing the reset process for this issue?


No change in behavior after reset


You can contact WDs Support team for more troubleshooting steps and may get replacement of My Book Live if it come under warranty period.