MBL and NcFtp

Hi , i want to know if any of you know how to use ncftp. Ive install it bue i have some questions on how it works.

Thanks !

Alezion wrote:

Hi , i want to know if any of you know how to use ncftp. Ive install it bue i have some questions on how it works.

Thanks !

I’m not going to say im an expert but I have used ncftp in the past, what are you looking to find out???


Heres the thing. When i download a file… where does it go? I have download something, but i dont know how to move the file to the public folder or to some location that can be access via windows.

If i connect to MBL whit putty and i execute dir command, the file appears, but i dont know how to access to the file.

example: ive download the skins.zip file:



you need to change to remote directory, you can do that by using the "lcd"command. for example if i wanted the files downloaded to my desktop id type in

lcd “C:\Users\Agustin\Desktop”

and to download file you would use the get command.

example:  get “text.txt”

Thanxs for your help!

im still a bit confused.

if i want to save the file on MBL, for example in Public/Example folder

how can i do that?

Thats what i want to do, but just for trying i have tested and i get the next result:

ncftp> lcd “C:”
C:: No such file or directory


Well, did you install ncftp on MBL or windows?

As your putty dir shows the file, I will assume that you installed ncftp onto the MBL.  Try “man ncftp” for any docs that got installed; also do a “ncftp help get” for a very short info for ncftp switches.

When you are connected with putty to do a “get”, try to cd to your Public/Example before getting the file as the file will download to the directory where ncftp was executed.  I think there may be a way to get a file onto another directory since it is also possible to get a file & have it renamed to another name.

Your lcd to “C:” didn’t work because you are doing it on the MBL which doesn’t do windows as it is a different “computer” for practical purposes.  One may have thought that you installed ncftp on your windows desktop & not the MBL.

To get your file from the directory that you see with the putty terminal, either “cp this-file Public/Example” to copy it or “mv this-file Public/Example” to move it to the Public/Example directory.   The “Public/Example” directory needs to have the full drive path to that place else you will get a “not found”.

cd is to change directories on the MLB

lcd to to change directoires on the PC

get is to download files

put is to write files

rm -r removes directories and sub-directories

mkdir lets you create new directories

mv lets you move files

so if i had a file on my desktok top that i wanted to copy over the to public share on the MBL i would do the folloing

lcd C:\Users\Agustin\Desktop 

put “file.txt” /shares/Public/file.txt

also note that the commands are case sensitive so make sure your using “” when there are spaces in the file name and also make sure to capitalize any needed letters

to move a file or folder on the MBL lets say it was in my personal share and i wanted to move it the public folder

mv /shares/Agustin/Movies /shares/Public/Movies

I recommend you download and try filezilla its an ftp client that allows you to drag and drop items instead typing up all the commands

Actually, if the OP mapped the MBL onto the windows desktop, the copying is even simpler as in ‘copy fromdesktop “z:\Public\shared music\MBLfile”’ or the reverse ‘copy “z:\public\shared music\MBLfile” c:\desktop\areafile’.

eg. I usually download the *.deb in win7 (since I’m already there) the copy the file to the z: drive (my mapped MBL).  Remember that mapping the MBL puts the MBL to be treated as just another hard disk for windows.