MBL and iTunes - experiences & questions

Hi all,

I just got my new MBL up and running, my plan is to use it as a media repository for music and video that will be played with iTunes, Plex etc.

Here’s my hardware setup:

  • MyBook Live , iTunes media server on

  • iMac , doing all the media managing, this is where the iTunes library file resides

  • Mac mini , doing most of the media playback in the living room

  • latest OS X, iTunes etc.

I successfully transfered my iTunes media library into MBL following the instruction on Apple’s site. My iMac’s iTunes media library path is pointed to MBL. From iMac’s point of view everything is ok and functioning as before.

But on my Mac mini it’s a different story. iTunes media server shows up and music is playing but:

  • there are about 100 songs that are not showing (out of 1600 song I don’t know which ones…) What…?!

  • metadata is wrong! The artist tag is replaced by composer tag so for example the artist of some Metallica songs is marked as James Hetfield. If I mess with the tags with some 3rd party software and remove the composer tag, then the song is marked with unknown artist. I cannot understand why the metadata is not read the same way as on my iMac.

  • album art is showing only with songs that have the image as a finder icon for the file instead of the default icon (how is the icon changed and when, I don’t know). When I transferred my media library to MBL the album art folder wasn’t transfered automatically. Moving it manually later didn’t fix anything (I didn’t really expect it)

  • most annoyingly of them all: all audio files (music, podcasts etc.) are showing as one big list on my Mac mini and it seems there is no way to create new playlists if your media is shared from MBL so basically I have just one big playlist on my Mac mini with everything on it! This really **bleep** and blows!

So I guess my big question is can all this be fixed and if so, how? I’ve clicked the rescan button several times for the library to be thorougly indexed but first of all there is no way to know about its progress and second of all it should be done by now.

Here’s a little iTunes question on the side: would 2 computers be able to share 1 iTunes library file that would reside on MBL without conficts? Because that would probably solve all my problems.

Bottom line is this: pissed off and disappointed by these unbelievable problems, need help, would appreciate it. Thank you!

I think you have a basic misunderstanding of how iTunes Servers work. 

Most of what you describe is correct for using iTunes server.

As to why the Artist / Composer tags are swapped:  I have no idea.   Mine doesn’t do that on the 9000 tunes I have on my MBL…

Is your MBL’s firmware up to date?

I updated the firmware this week when I started using it.

Referring to misunderstanding how iTunes server works, what do you mean? Could you be more specific…?

If i could have just 1 problem fixed, it would be that last one. Not being able to sort and group music and other audio is like missing the whole point. I don’t want to listen to music and then be interrupted by some podcast from last week. See what I mean?