MBL activity light flashing, but MBL not in use

I have only had my MBL for about 2 weeks or so, but tonight, the activity light on the front just started flashing green like the drive was being used.

However, neither me or my wife was using it at the time. All the phones were locked, and our computers were switched off. Worried that somebody mit have hacked the drive, i immediately turned of UPnP on the router and then unplugged the network lead from the MBL. Te activity light is still flashing, but its a white flashing light now, but a slightly different light to the firmware update light.

When I feel the drive, it feels like the harddrive is doing something as I can feel it reading/writing.

On the drive, automatic updates is turned off, and its already on the latest firmware. Its still flashing now, more than 15 mins after it first started. Is there anyway to work out what the drive is doing? 



Try doing a factory restore on the drive to see if it gets back to normal.