MBL 3TB with Airport Extreme

I’m admittedly a network novice (rookie?), but I’m having great difficulty creating my home network with my just purchased MBL 3TB drive.  I have been able to connect and copy video, photos and music on to the drive, but I have not been able to set-up the remote access (needed of course for the WD2go, etc.), and have had no success in using Time Machine. 

In both instances of failure I’m usually “rewarded” with the error "Message from server “MyBookLive- Something wrong with the volume’s CNID DB, using temporary CNID DB instead.  Check server messages for details. Switching to read-only mode.”  Furthermore, whenver I attempt to create a password for the server, or create users, while the information initially appears to save, the information disappears after clicking away from the input pages.

I realize some of this (especially the Time Machine issue) MIGHT be an Airport Extreme compatibility issue, or related to the 2.2 TB HD limit issue, but I can’t find definitive answers about this.  As I’m not having luck finding others with the same problem, and the fact it is advertised as a Mac product, I have hope that it is only an issue that I’m experiencing and somebody with greater knowledge might be able to fish me out of. Thanks in advance for any attempted support! (Yes, I have tried phone support; problems warranted “2nd level” support yesterday.  It was agreed that I would be back from work at 5, and therefore receive a call then;  of course, call came at 1 while I was at work, and it was politely agreed that they would call back as previously agreed at 5; unfortunately, I have never received a call-back).

System info:

5th generation Airport Extreme (hard-wired to MBL 3TB)

2007 IMAC 6.1 (OSX 10.6) (hard-wired to router)

I do have the latest firmware downloaded and running for the MBL.

Thanks much! 

As it would go, after hours and hours of trying to solve the problem the past few days, within an hour of posting, I solved the problem by resetting (Quick Reset) the factory settings, and manually installing the update rather than auto updating. 

Sorry for trouble!  Will update if other unforeseen problems arise (have not yet tried the Time Machine, but WD2go is working (not playing any of videos (file types I imagine-.avi)) on Iphone and the drive is showing up on my Logitech Revue as well.  Excited…

At least you got it working :slight_smile: