MBL 3TB to USB on MBLD 6TB -> Can't open files on MBL

I picked up a 3 TB MBL to attach to the USB port on the MBLD.

Nothing, special, just straight out of the box.

I was able to see the share and the root level folder, but as soon as I opened a folder or a file, it just hung.

A call to WDC told me that there’s a 1TB limit on the USB attachments.

Can anyone verify?

Also, do I need to just let it sit and scan the 600GB of files that I put onto the MBL before I try to access them?

Sorry, you’re doing what?

Trying to connect a My Book Live 3TB to the USB port on a My Book Live Duo 6TB?

No.  That’s never going to work – not even sure how you’re doing that as the MBL doesn’t have USB capabilities.

Apologies, you are correct.

It’s not a MBL, just a MB.

So yes, 3TB MB into the USB port on the 6TB MBLD.