MBL 3tb - constantly busy, green light flashing

I have about 1tb of files backed up on my MBL, and even 2 days after the backup completed the drive is busy.  I can here  that the drive head is moving, and the green light is flashing all the time.   All pc’s are shutdown, so nothing is accessing it.

Its only a week old and its got the latest firmware.

What could it be doing?

If you just copied 1TB of data onto the drive, and your files included a lot of photos (placed into the Shared Photos folder), then the MBL may be making thumbnails for the WD Photo mobile app in the WD Photo Database. 

If you do not want to use remote access, then you can uncheck the Enabled option of Remote Access and the activity should top.  You can also prevent the thumbnailing by putting the Photos in a different folder, not the Public\Shared Photos (may need to be in a different share instead of Public?), but then the WD Photo app will not work.  If you want to use the WD Photo mobile app, then you will need to wait for it to finish (the time required will depend on how many photos you have).

If files also included movies and music, it could also be twonky building the DB.