MBL 2TB - Very slow on wifi

My Book Live 2TB - Firmware 02.42.03-027  

Router: Cisco E2500

Machine A - Windows Server 2003 with a wired connection to the router

Machine B - Windows 7 laptop with a wifi connection to the router

From (A), I was able to transfer many GBs of data over to the MBL with no issues, flawless performance.

From (B),  when I access the MBL drive with a drive mapping to \mbl\share, it crawls at  a extremely slow speed. Simple JPG photos ~5MB take forever to open, even timeout sometimes. Windows Explorer shows the green progress bar at the top showing the file is loading!

This led me to believe that this is a network issue. But when I access a network share on (A) from the same laptop (B), it is blazing fast. I am not sure what component is the bottleneck here. It is almost as if the MBL throughput is throttled only when it is accessed via  wireless client but it pushes out the content just fine to a wired client.

Anyone else seen this issue? How should I go about troubleshooting this? Are there any settings I can tweak to improve the performance? I have no other issues with network performance in any other area, things just crawl when the MBL is accessed via wifi.

Help? Thanks

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Some more observations -

  1. I used the http://www.totusoft.com/lanspeed.html utility to run diagnostics from Machine (B) to Machine (A) and the My Book Live. Both of did well, with a read/write throughput of around 50Mbps.

  2. The NAS device starts off fine, I am able to open/close a dozen or so files rapidly. Then it starts to crawl really badly. Speed plummets to a standstill. As if some cache is being exhausted or something.

Any idea what is going on?

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I am having similar problems with my 3TB MBL. When I first installed this device a couple weeks ago, the device ran great. No issues. Now, using the same system I installed with, the MBL is crawling! When loading up a window in thumbnail view, it takes a few minutes to load and cache just the thumbnails of the files on the MBL.

Don’t even get me started on transfer speeds now with the MBL, becuase it is nothing compared to what it was when first installed a couple weeks ago. Even accessing the system via WD’s interface is painstakingly slow. To transfer 5 image files, at 57mb took over 4 minutes. Simply not worth the hassle or the money spent.

If I can’t find a fix this weekend, the product is going back.